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Digital Signage Services

Multiply your message across a network of displays: Stream signage from a host PC, media player, or another source to different displays over a standard IP network.

Attract audiences with artistic video walls: Building dynamic, next-generation video walls is easy with us.

Reach larger audiences with a video display wall: Capture and display eSports tournaments, live camera feeds, up-to-date scheduling, news alerts and other information on a video wall from a single COTS system.

Maximize impact with multi-display signage: Choose between graphics cards, multi-monitor controllers, video wall controller boards, and AV-over-IP devices.

Manage and simplify your signage setup: User-friendly software tools give you control over how your signage is displayed, to help you make a better impression

Mobile App Development Services

TOGO Digital Signage

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Indoor Displays

Indoor Displays TOGO offers a wide range of indoor displays. Regardless of the size or the solution we can provide the indoor digital signage solutions that will meet both your needs and your budget. The sleek design of our digital signs allows them to be mounted in a range of locations and service points, including product displays and shelves, and offer a great opportunity to engage customers at the point of purchase.

LED Displays

TOGO’s LED Walls consist of multiple LED tiles working in unison to wow passers-by with bright, dynamic content on super-sized digital signs. Available in any size or configuration, LED signage super screens offer the largest indoor/outdoor screens available, perfect to set your brand apart from neighboring stores and competitors.

Outdoor Displays

TOGO’s outdoor screens and enclosures are designed to withstand the elements and stand out for your business. Our digital signage solutions guarantee exceptional visibility in all lighting conditions. Use videos, photos and colors to convey your message and catch the eye of your customers, day or night.

Industries We Serve

We provide innovative solutions for different industries, including: